The Organisation

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) is an institution organizing national health insurance. The organisation was registered on August 30, 2002 in the National Register of Central and Local Government Agencies, registry code no. 74000091. EHIF is the only organisation in Estonia dealing with compulsory health insurance. The purpose of the funds activities is to compensate insured people for the costs of health care, to finance the purchase of medicines and medical appliances and pay for a variety of benefits.

The fund has more than 1.2 million customers. To ensure the availability of health care, subsidized medicines and medical equipment, EHIF work with approximately 3,000 cooperation partners all over Estonia. 


In order to provide health insurance benefits, the Health Insurance Fund:
1) manages health insurance by ensuring the effective and purposeful use of health insurance money;
2) performs functions provided for by the Health Insurance Act of the Republic of Estonia and other legislative provisions;
3) maintain the database necessary for providing health insurance benefits and for the performance of other functions provided for by this Act;
4) examines the quality and necessity of services partially or fully compensated for by the Health Insurance Fund;
5) manages the performance of the international agreements concerning health insurance and the Health Insurance Fund;
6) participates in the planning of health care and gives opinions on the drafts of legislative provisions and of international agreements relating to the Health Insurance Fund and health insurance;
7) gives advice about issues related to health insurance.Estonian health insurance relies on the principle of solidarity. The Health Insurance Fund covers the costs of health services required by the person in case of illness regardless of the amount of social tax paid for the person concerned. The Fund uses the social tax paid for the working population, also for covering the cost of health services provided to persons who have no income with regard to work activities. The employers are required by the law to pay social tax for all persons employed, whereby the rate of this tax is 33 % of the taxable amount, and of which 20 % is allocated for pension insurance and 13 % for health insurance.

The purpose of health insurance in Estonia is to cover the costs of health services provided to insured persons, prevent and cure diseases, finance the purchase of medicinal products and medicinal technical aids, and provide the benefits for temporary incapacity for work and other benefits.

The supreme body of the Health Insurance Fund is the Supervisory Board. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Minister of Social Affairs. The Health Insurance Fund submits the draft annual budget to the Fund’s Supervisory Board for approval, revises and approves the budgets of 4 regional departments, manages and co-ordinates the activities of the regional departments of the Fund, and performs advisory, guidance and supervisory functions.

The regional departments of the Fund keep account of insured persons, conclude contracts with the providers of health services, check the quality of health services provided the insured, grant benefits for temporary incapacity for work and process the applications furnished by the insured.

The client information line of the Health Insurance Fund is 16363 (calling from abroad +372 669 6630).

Since 2012 we are holders of standard ISO 9001:2008 certificateImage removed.