The Organisation

The mission of the Health Insurance Fund is to organize health insurance in such a manner as to ensure equal treatment of insured persons and timely accessibility of needs-based, high-quality and cost-efficient health services, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and financial benefits.

The vision of the Health Insurance Fund is to provide people with a sense of security concerning their potential health problems and any treatment they might need.

The core values of the Health Insurance Fund:

  • ASPIRATION – we are aiming at continuous and sustainable development, relying on competent, loyal and result-oriented employees.
  • CONSIDERATION – we are reliable, open and friendly. Our decision-making is transparent and considerate of others.
  • COOPERATION – we create an atmosphere of trust within our organization and in relations with our partners and clients.

The main goal of the Estonian health insurance is to cover the healthcare costs of insured persons for the prevention and treatment of illnesses, to finance the purchase of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and to pay temporary incapacity and other monetary benefits.

Estonian health insurance system is based on the principle of solidarity: the amount of benefits paid by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund in the event of illness does not depend on the amount of social tax paid on behalf of the insured person. Using the collected social tax, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund finances also the health services of persons who are currently unemployed. 

The objective, functions, competence, bases for activities and the bodies of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund are provided by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund Act and the Articles of Association of the Health Insurance Fund.

The most important function of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund as a public law agency is to organize health insurance to provide health insurance benefits to insured persons. The Health Insurance Fund is also responsible for contributing to the development of treatment standards and treatment guidelines, motivating healthcare institutions to develop the quality of health services, organizing the performance of international agreements pertaining to health insurance and the Health Insurance Fund, participating in the planning of health care and providing an opinion concerning draft legislation and the drafts of international agreements related to the health insurance fund and health insurance, as well as providing advise on issues related to health insurance.

The supreme body of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund is the Supervisory Board, the members of which represent the interests of employers, insured persons and the state. 

The Health Insurance Fund is led by a 3-member Management Board, which is chaired by Rain Laane from 16.10.2017. 

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund has been ISO 9001:2015-certified since 13.12.2017. ISO 9001:2015 is a set of rules for an organization that aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of risk and process management. The certificate is awarded based on the results of a thorough audit. The Health Insurance Fund was audited by AS Metrosert in 28-30 November 2017.