Studying in EU

Students of general or higher education who are going to study abroad must submit a document verifying their studies in a foreign educational institution for the continuation of their health insurance in Estonia. The document must contain the following information:

  1. name of the educational institution;
  2. address of the educational institution;
  3. given name and surname of the student;
  4. the student’s personal identification code or date of birth;
  5. duration of the studying period;
  6. given name and surname, contact details and signature of the representative of the educational institution.

The health insurance shall be formalised on the basis of the submitted documents for 12 month maximum, so we ask you to remember to send verification of your studies to the Health Insurance Fund each academic year.

Students of general and higher education who study abroad and have health insurance in Estonia will receive necessary medical care in the European Union member states, European Economic Area, and Switzerland while supplying European Health Insurance Card. You can submit the application documents via regular mail to our customer service offices, by e-mail, or deliver them in person.

What to do when you have problems or questions in relation with health insurance while studying abroad?
Check the validity of your health insurance from the citizen portal or call the Health Insurance Fund’s information line + 372 669 6630.