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The World Bank: risk-stratified care management and coordination at the frontier of health policies

On 2 December, EHIF welcomed the World Bank’s representative Daniel Rogger who is the lead of the enhanced care management research team. The purpose of the visit was to introduce the results of the EHIF’s second pilot and to make summaries on the ongoing cooperation.

More and more people suffer from chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular diseases) both worldwide and in Estonia, and these people need to have their health status regularly monitored by a healthcare professional.  In Estonia, risk-stratified care management approach was first introduced in primary care to provide better help to high-risk patients who usually suffer from several chronic diseases, other accompanying conditions and are at high risk of health status deterioration and increased healthcare utilization.

"The model aims at creating a working tool for family physicians and family nurses, which can be used to act proactively in order to avoid the deterioration of the condition of chronically ill patients and to better manage their care process in cooperation with specialized medical care and the social system," said Jekaterina Šteinmiller, lead of the high-risk patient care management project at EHIF.

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