FAQ – digital prescription

1. How does the process of collecting medicines from pharmacy with digital prescription look like?

First the doctor issues a prescription to the patient. If the doctor prescribing a medicine does not specify otherwise, then all prescriptions are public, i.e. everyone knowing the patient’s personal identification code can buy the drug.

If prescription is marked „Private“, only the patient him/herself can purchase the medicines.If the prescription is marked „Authorized“, then people, assigned by a patient in electronic Patient Portal can collect medicines (www.e-tervis.ee and www.eesti.ee).

Then the patient goes to the pharmacist and presents his/her identity document. After that the pharmacist can sell the drugs prescribed to the patient. All the data will be saved in the Patient Portal where patient has a full overview of the drugs prescribed and bought.

3. Can I buy drugs for a neighbour, granny etc? What must I be prepared for?

Yes, drugs can be bought for someone else and you need your identity document and the identity code of the person you are buying medicines for.

The pharmacist enters the buyer’s personal identification code into the Digital Prescription Center. The buyer has to know the identification code of the patient. If the patient has more than one prescription, then it is necessary to know the name of the drug or the doctor or the date of the prescription in order to pick the right one.

4. What if there is a blackout?

The doctor can issue a paper prescription. The pharmacist can call to service desk of digital prescription and he/she will have all the information necessary to sell the drug that is needed.

5. How can a family practitioner on a home visit prescribe the drug?

In case of a home visit, the doctor writes the prescription on a paper as in the past. The buyer must give the identity document and the prescription on paper to the pharmacist. If the pharmacist has registered the prescription in the Digital Prescription Center, the patient and physicians can see it in the Patient Portal.

6. How to be sure that the patient will not forget to buy the prescription drugs?

We recommend that you actively use the Patient Portal, where in addition to general health information you can monitor the information of the prescription drugs, including whether the patient has bought the drugs or for how long the prescriptions are valid.

If you can’t access the Internet, you should make notes of the prescription (in calendar or somewhere else) or ask the doctor to issue a paper with all the information needed.

7. Can paper prescriptions be issued?

Paper prescriptions can be prescribed if it is not possible or practical to issue digital prescription (for example, a patient who is planning to go abroad and needs to buy medicines abroad).

8. I’d like to know more about digital prescription. How can I get more information?

You can write to info@haigekassa.ee or call +372 669 6630 (workdays 8.30-16.30).