Workers posted to Estonia from other EU member states (form E106)

Persons assigned to work in Estonia for a longer period of time who live here on the basis of a residence permit have the right to receive any kind of medical care on equal terms with persons insured in the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, providing that they have brought either the form E106 or S1 from their state of residence.

Form E106 or S1 must be registered at the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. For this, you have to deliver the forms (2 copies) to the Health Insurance Fund’s customer service office or send them by regular mail. We also request you to present, along with the form, an application where you should also list, if necessary, family members living with the posted worker in Estonia who don’t have health insurance on other grounds (children under 19 years of age, non-working spouse raising one child under 8 years or three children under 16 years of age; spouse with less than 5 years to retirement).

You will be notified in writing when the form has been registered and your health insurance is valid. When visiting a doctor in Estonia, it is necessary to provide an identity document with an Estonian personal identification code (the European Health Insurance Card is not an identity document). The European health insurance card is issued to persons by the country of insurance and the card entitles persons to necessary medical treatment in EU member states, where they are not dispatched with form E106 but where they are, for example, vacationing.

NB! The European health insurance card is not an identification document and is valid only if presented with an identification document.

Family members

If an employee dispatched to Estonia takes family members with them, then after registering the form in the Health Insurance Fund, their family members, while living in Estonia, are also entitled to medical care that is equal to the medical care provided to the locals who are insured.

Who pays the incapacity for work benefit in the case of long-term assignments?

The benefit for incapacity for work will still be paid by the person’s state of residence, i.e. the country that issued the form E106 or S1 as well as the European Health Insurance Card.