A thoughtless act can change your life forever

Last year, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund launched the campaign A Thoughtless Act Can Change Your Life. Forever. What Is the Formula of Your Life? (Mõtlematu tegu võib muuta sinu elu. Jäädavalt. Mis on Sinu elu valem?) that concentrated on avoiding injuries and poisoning. Although the number of injuries increased in 2010, there have been fewer severe injuries and medical costs on injuries have decreased.

In 2010, the costs of treating injuries constituted a total of 400 million kroons, with 165,000 people needing treatment. In 2009, the number of those who needed treatment decreased by nearly 6,500, but medical costs were as high as 422 million kroons.

The majority of people needing treatment still comes from the age group 15–24 – in 2010, the figures were almost 20,000 young men and 10,000 young women. A large part of the injuries suffered by youngsters needing treatment was the result of falling.

This year, the information campaign will be continued with the aim of getting young people to care more about the health of their friends and themselves, to analyse the health hazards related to thoughtless actions and draw attention to the problems in the field of injuries.

In addition, projects supported by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund for the prevention of leisure-time injuries are carried out in all Estonian counties. The necessary activities are organised on the local level according to the principles of Safe Community. Injury profiles charting the region’s data, risk groups and measures planned for the potential prevention of injuries have been compiled in all counties.

The aim stated in the National Health Plan is to decrease the number of injuries to a level comparable to developed countries (the goal is to achieve a mortality rate of 23 as regards deaths caused by injuries among the age group 0–19, but e.g. in the year 2008, the rate was 41), which is a significant prerequisite both for the increase in average life expectancy and for economic growth. The campaign for the prevention of youth injuries is organised by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund as a part of carrying out the National Health Plan 2010–2020.

Sirje Vaask, Tiina Tõemets
Healthcare Department

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