Strike of Health Care Workers Starts on 1 October 2012


Which health care workers will be going on strike on 1 October 2012?   Doctors, dentists, midwives, caregivers and health care support specialists (massage therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, speech therapists, radiology technicians, bio-analysts) will be partially participating in the strike of health care workers.   Which hospitals (health care establishments) are affected by the strike and to what extent?   Information on whether or not and to what extent a health care establishment participates in the strike and what it means to patients can be acquired directly from the health care establishments:   North Estonia Medical Centre phone + 372 617 1049   East Tallinn Central Hospital phone 1900   West Tallinn Central Hospital phone 1314   Tartu University Hospital phone +372 731 8111   Pärnu Hospital  phone +372 447 3300    Viljandi Hospital  phone +372 435 2008   Narva Hospital  phone +372 35 71 835     Kuressaare Hospital  phone +372 452 0040   What kind of medical care is still provided during the strike?
  1. Ambulance crews, emergency medical services and intensive care units continue to function. Emergency care is provided to all patients who need it. Patients in need of emergency care will receive all the necessary medical tests.
  1. The care of hospitalized inpatients will continue.
  1. Obstetrical care is provided as per usual.
  1. Regular outpatient care is provided to children up to 18 and to oncology and haematology patients; gynaecologists continue to observe and treat pregnant women.
  2. Psychiatric patients who are receiving ambulatory psychiatric care will continue to receive their current treatment.
  1. Diagnostic and laboratory tests are conducted for only the following regular outpatients: children up to 18, pregnant women, oncology and haematology patients.
  2. Blood banks continue to work as usual.
What kind of medical care is not provided by the medical care facilities on strike?   According to the information available to the Health Insurance Fund, as of 1 October, the medical care facilities on strike will not be treating regular outpatients and not conducting diagnostic and laboratory tests for outpatients.   According to the plans that have been made public, as of 8 October, Pärnu Hospital, Viljandi Hospital, Narva Hospital and Kuressaare Hospital will join the strike, and will therefore not be providing regular outpatient care. The strike in North Estonia Medical Centre, East Tallinn Central Hospital, West Tallinn Central Hospital and Tartu University Hospital will include regular inpatient care.   The maximum extent of the strike according to the information provided by the doctors is ending all regular medical care in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Narva and Kuressaare.   Who will notify the patients about cancelled appointments and new available appointments?   The medical care establishments are responsible for that. Please contact them (the contact information was provided above).   Who is not on strike?
  • Emergency medical staff
  • Family physicians
  • Many medical specialists (more information available from hospitals)