Several Medicinal Products to Decrease in Prices as of October


As of 1 October, the maximum amount of benefit for medicinal products – 12.79 euros – will be repealed in case of pharmaceuticals with a 50% discount rate.   According to the procedure in place until now, the Health Insurance Fund compensated half of the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals sold at a 50% discount rate but no more than 12.79 euros per prescription. As of October, this maximum amount is going to be repealed, thus making medicinal products cheaper for patients.   This change only concerns pharmaceuticals with a 50% discount rate if the part compensated by the Health Insurance Fund when making a single purchase is larger than the maximum amount until now – 12.79 euros per prescription. These pharmaceuticals include, for example, medicinal products for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, some anti-depressants, cardiac therapy medicinal products, anti-fungal medication and contraceptives. This change also concerns pharmaceuticals which have a higher discount rate but which have been used for indications not covered by the higher discount rate conditions or that have been prescribed by a doctor who does not have the right to prescribe higher discount rates.   According to calculations, the own contribution of patients will decrease in case of purchasing pharmaceuticals with a 50% discount rate by about 22% per the average cost of a prescription.