Representatives of the Moldovan Compulsory Health Insurance Fund Visiting Estonia for the Second Time


Representatives of the Moldovan Compulsory Health Insurance Fund Visiting Estonia for the Second Time 15.05.2012   From today until the end of this week, an 11-member delegation from the Moldovan Compulsory Health Insurance Fund is staying in Estonia once again. The third study session of the project Supporting the Functioning of the Moldovan Health Insurance System financed from the development cooperation funds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking place.   The study session will be focused on developing the prices of health care services, entering into contracts, compensation for prescriptions at a discount rate and digital prescriptions, information technology developments, legal work processes and the introduction of the work of the Harju Department of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Family health centres, North Estonia Medical Centre and Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre will also be visited.   In 2011, two study sessions took place within the framework of the project. The first one was carried out in Moldova in September. Specialists from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund taught their Moldavian colleagues how to develop the strategy of an organisation, how to prepare a development plan and create a result management system. In return, the representatives of the Moldavian Compulsory Health Insurance Fund introduced the advantages and shortcomings of their health insurance system to the representatives of the Health Insurance Fund. Among other things, colleagues from Estonia got acquainted with the work of local health insurance funds, rural hospitals and family health centres.    During the second study session in Estonia in December, work continued on the preparation of the development plan. Preparation of a 4-year financial forecast, random selection and clinical audits, communication with media and the organisation of internal communication, personnel policy and motivation system for employees were discussed and an overview was given of the most important subjects related to health insurance that have to be kept in mind when acceding to the European Union.   The aim of the project which was launched in August last year and will end in September this year is to support the development of the Moldovan Compulsory Health Insurance Fund by sharing the experiences of Estonia. The development of the Estonian health system has been set as an example for Moldova, since the principles of the Moldavian health insurance system are similar to those in Estonia and Moldova has thus been very interested in the project.   The World Health Organisation is helping the Health Insurance Fund to coordinate the project.