Press release: Medical device card now digital


Starting from October, patients can use a digital medical device card to buy medical devices with a Health Insurance Fund discount. The system is similar to that of the digital prescription and the change means that the paper medical card is no longer needed. The terms and conditions of the sale of and reimbursement for medical devices remain unaltered. “The change affects those who use medical devices reimbursed by the Health Insurance Fund: glucometer test strips, insulin pumps and their accessories, stoma care products etc.,” explained Health Insurance Fund board member Mari Mathiesen.   “For all the people who already have a valid medical device card on paper, it automatically becomes digital in October. If a medical device is prescribed for the first time, the new card will be drawn up by the attending physician of the patient, or else the digital card will be formalised in the customer service of the regional Health Insurance Fund department on the basis of the physician’s referral. The patient can then walk into a pharmacy and buy the needed device after showing an identity document. When purchasing a medical device for another person, the buyer needs to know the patient’s personal identification code and present their own identity document,” Mathiesen added.   However, should it appear in the pharmacy that the amount of medical devices that can be bought with the new digital card does not match that of the old paper card, the patient in possession of a paper card or a physician’s referral should turn to the Health Insurance Fund to harmonise the paper card data with those on the digital card. In the absence of a paper card or a physician’s referral, we suggest that you contact your attending physician.   Information on your digital medical device card is available from the State Portal, as well as the Health Insurance Fund website and the hotline 16 363, or your attending physician.