Press Release: Health Insurance Fund Continues Its Reasonable Use of Pharmaceuticals Social Campaign


The Health Insurance Fund continues its social campaign which calls for choosing a pharmaceutical with a more beneficial price from among medicinal products with the same active ingredient. The purpose of the campaign is to raise patient awareness when selecting prescription medicines and thereby reduce their own contribution upon the purchase of medicinal products. Compared to earlier times the design and message of the campaign have been slightly updated.   “In order to increase the number of patients who can contribute to the process of prescribing pharmaceuticals and their selection in pharmacy, the Health Insurance Fund has once again begun an active awareness campaign,” said acting Chairman of the Management Board of the Health Insurance Fund Mari Mathiesen. “This time we would like to draw people's attention to their conduct during a doctor's appointment as well as in a pharmacy. Patients must be aware that doctors are generally required to make an active ingredient-based prescription because this allows choosing a pharmaceutical that is more suitably priced in a pharmacy. We would also like to remind people that a pharmacist must offer a selection of pharmaceuticals with the same active ingredient in the case of an active ingredient-based description,” added Mathiesen. So far the results of the awareness campaigns of the Health Insurance Fund have been positive. Until 2009 the own contribution of patients increased every year reaching up to 8 euros per one prescription with a discount rate. Due to active awareness campaigns and complementary official measures, patients have been successfully directed towards a greater awareness in their consumer behaviour and the increase of own contribution has been halted. In 2011, a significantly smaller amount needed to be paid for a prescription with a discount rate: 6.95 euros. Regardless of the method of calculation it can be said that patients have saved millions of euros; however, the data of the Health Insurance Fund demonstrates that patients could save an additional seven million euros by making informed choices. The Health Insurance Fund invites all patients to ask for an active ingredient-based prescription from their physicians and for more suitably priced medicinal products from pharmacists! Additional information and examples of the differences in medicinal product prices can be found by visiting the website of the Health Insurance Fund at