Press release: the budget of the Health Insurance Fund passed its second reading

Today, the Supervisory Board of the Health Insurance Fund finished the second reading of the budget for the year 2011. The Supervisory Board decided that prior to the third reading, the Health Insurance Fund outstanding taxes must be harmonized with the State Budget Act, which means a slight increase in medical treatment finances. The Supervisory Board also accepted the Estonian Hospitals Association’s proposition according to which, hospitals will guarantee a specialist appointment for each patient within 6 weeks.

Hanno Pevkur, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Health Insurance Fund, says that the association’s proposition is a positive message to patients regarding the improving of the availability of medical care. “The Supervisory Board is also willing to increase the finances allocated to ambulatory treatment if that means that everyone who needs it can get an appointment within six weeks,” Pevkur noted.

Hannes Danilov, Chairman of the Health Insurance Fund, added that the management of the insurance fund will definitely monitor how the hospitals keep their promise. “The pledge is serious and we hope that the hospitals will also be able to carry out the obligations that they took,” he added.

According to Urmas Sule, Chairman of the Estonian Hospitals Association, the hospitals discussed the actual possibilities before making the pledge and they are ready to guarantee a specialist appointment within six weeks. “What this proposal means is that when a person needs a specialist appointment, he/she will always be able to get a specialist appointment within six weeks,” Sule added.

The Supervisory Board of the Health Insurance Fund will convene on January 14 to approve the health insurance budget for the following year.

In addition, the Supervisory Board acquainted itself with the insurance fund’s development plan for 2011–2014 and the financial statement for 9 months.

Evelin Koppel
Head of Public Relations
Estonian Health Insurance Fund
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