Health Insurance Fund uses addresses from the population register as of 1 January

From 1st January 2009, the Health Insurance Fund will use the main residence addresses that have been entered in the population register. This means that persons no longer need to notify the Health Insurance Fund of a change in their address; one notice to the population register will be sufficient.

The Health Insurance Fund uses the addresses of persons to send them various notifications or documents (notifications of the expiry of insurance cover, European Health Insurance Cards or replacement certificates, invitations to cancer screening, etc.). It is, therefore, very important to have correct address information in the population register.
However, it is also possible to send the European Health Insurance Card or a certificate, for instance, to a different address than the registered main residence address. In this case, the required address should be submitted to the Health Insurance Fund together with each particular application.

“Maintaining a separate database of addresses is no longer practical,” believes Lii Pärg, Head of the Customer Service Department of the Health Insurance Fund. “It seems reasonable that a person should only change his or her address in the population register and these changes would then be automatically reflected in the databases of other institutions. Such a system is faster and more convenient for people,” she added.

A person is required to notify the population register when moving to a new address or if the current information in the population register is incorrect or missing. The accuracy of the information can be verified in local governments on the basis of an application or by using the electronic population register services in the State Portal at

In order to enter or change information on the place of residence in the population register, a person should submit a notice of residence to his or her local rural municipality or town government. This can be done in person at the local government offices, by a letter or a digitally signed e-mail, or by using the electronic population register services in the State Portal at
For further information on the registration of residence, see the web page of the Ministry of the Interior.
The Health Insurance Fund invites all people to check and, if necessary, correct their residential information in the population register!

Yours sincerely,
Evelin Koppel
Public Relations Manager
Estonian Health Insurance Fund
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