The Health Insurance Fund and eHealth contribute to the patient's treatment quality with a cooperation memorandum


The Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Estonian eHealth Foundation entered into a cooperation memorandum for developing the e-services and data standards of the health care sector. The cooperation memorandum ensures better interaction between information systems and the smoother activation of solutions. The memorandum specifies the principles of cooperation between the Health Insurance Fund and the eHealth Foundation as well as their shared views on the collection and processing of medical information, the assurance of data quality, and the standardisation of information systems and databases.   This year’s major cooperation projects of the Health Insurance Fund and eHealth are the e-consultation option for doctors, quality indicators and the management of treatment queues, as well as the patient portal. In the framework of the cooperation memorandum, the parties agree on an explicit annual action plan.   Chairman of the Management Board of the Health Insurance Fund Tanel Ross emphasises that the availability of high-quality health information is one of the most important prerequisites of an effective and patient-friendly health insurance.   “It is very important for the Health Insurance Fund to see that the health information system is increasingly used on a daily basis by all the stakeholders of the health care system – the people, health care providers and government structures,” says Ross.   He adds that the cooperation memorandum provides a solid basis for the practice of the Health Insurance Fund and the eHealth Foundation. According to board member of the Estonian eHealth Foundation Raul Mill, it is essential that the collected data be complete, high-quality and relevant to the users’ needs. “In cooperation with the Health Insurance Fund, we are able to develop better data standards and quality regulations that cover the databases of both eHealth and the Health Insurance Fund. Data quality serves as a basis for high-quality treatment decisions that are beneficial for the physicians and patients alike,” says Mill.   The cooperation memorandum is available on the website of the Health Insurance Fund.