Health care department established at the Health Insurance Fund

In early April, the departments of health care services and health care economics at the Health Insurance Fund were merged to form a common health care department.

The main task of the department is to provide insured people with high-quality health care services (incl. disease prevention, health promotion and medical equipment) and to ensure the equal availability and effective use of the services in all regions. The health care department is led by Triin Habicht.   The department includes three service units:
  • Pricing service that is responsible for processing changes in the list of health care services and medical equipment; developing the bases for pricing, specifying the reference prices for health care services and performing health-economic analysis. The pricing service is led by Kersti Esnar.
  • Treatment financing service that coordinates the planning of the budget for health care services and reporting with regard to the execution of budget; develops the terms and conditions for financing contracts, coordinates the planning and monitoring of the contracts, and administers and develops the Estonian version of the DGR grouper. The treatment financing service is led by Kristiina Kahur.
  • Quality service that is responsible for shaping the health-related behaviour of the population through health promotion and disease prevention projects; organising clinical audits and inspections with regard to the justification of providing health care services; developing indicators of treatment quality in cooperation with stakeholders and arranging for providing feedback to health care providers and insured persons. The quality service is led by Sirje Vaask.