The Estonian Health Insurance Fund Is Updating Its Visual Identity

This week, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (henceforth EHIF) is starting to gradually update its visual identity. The transition will be made during the first six months of 2012.

Towards the end of the 1990s, EHIS chose the turtle as its mascot. In many cultures, the turtle is a symbol of the creation of the world, signifying longevity and perseverance in achieving one’s goals. The deliberate progress of a turtle symbolizes the reliability of the health insurance system. Turtles are considered to be slow animals and therefore suitable as representatives of conservatism and composedness. However, the Estonian health insurance system has managed to combine conservatism with innovation.   Compared to other developed countries in Europe today, the Estonian health insurance system is operating on a remarkably high level. Moreover, we have excelled our counterparts in many respects; mostly, with our innovative e-projects. In addition to our digital prescription system, the health system is about to launch other ground-breaking e-projects. One baby step at a time, we are about to reach a level of development where we can mentor other countries based on our experience.   Turtle is still EHIF’s mascot, but we have slightly updated it. Although, EHIF is not about to change its relatively conservative and financially sustainable budgetary policy, we still wish to reflect the innovative and development-oriented aspects of our system.   The new turtle is much more recognizable than the one before. The old symbol was sometimes confused with a globe or a driving wheel. Also, the new three-dimensional design and colours help to emphasize the public image that EHIF is striving for: it is innovative, transparent, trustworthy, safe and caring.   EHIF chose 2012 to make the transition to the new logo, since the health insurance system of the re-independent Estonia is turning 20 this year. This is an opportune moment to draw conclusions and make plans for the future.   We are transitioning to the new logo gradually. The old printed materials, office supplies, etc. are going to be used until they run out.