Estonian Health Insurance Fund pays for the medical treatment carried out abroad

Anne Veskimeister, the communication manager of The Estonian Patient Advocacy Association, gave misleading information about the treatment provided abroad on September 22th. Anne Veskimeister argued that health insurance pays for 50% of the treatment carried out abroad, the patient pays for the other 50%. The claim is not true. If the healt insurance fund takes over the obligation to pay for medical treatment abroad it pays for all medical expenses, with the exception of patient’s financial participation (for example a visit fee), accommodation and travel costs.   According to the Health Insurance Act, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund can pay for the planned medical treatment abroad, only if the following conditions are met: • necessary treatment  and alternative care is not provided in Estonia;
• the medical treatment is prescribed for the patient;
• a health service has proven to be effective;
• the average probability of achieving the desired goal of treatment is at least 50 percent.

For more information on the scheduled treatment abroad can be found on the health insurance fund’s website   With best regards,  
Evelin Koppel
Public Relations Manager
Estonian Health Insurance Fund
+ 372 6 208 439; 534 789 49