Estonian Health Insurance Fund Assisting in the Completion of the Moldovan Health System Development Plan


Last week, the last study session of the co-operation project between Estonia and Moldova titled Supporting the Functioning of the Moldovan Health Insurance System took place. This time, the Moldovans learned about compiling four-year financial prognoses and budgeting, compensation of medicinal products and personnel policies and the employee competency management system. The project is to result in a completed development plan for the Moldovan health system by the end of this year.   The aim of the project that started in September last year and ended in September this year was to support the development of the Moldovan health insurance system by sharing Estonian experiences. During the entire project, four meetings took place – two in Estonia and two in Moldova. During the previous study sessions our Moldovan colleagues learned about creating a strategy for an organization, establishing a development plan and a performance management system, developing prices for health care services, concluding agreements, IT developments, co-operation with EU, etc. The Moldovans introduced the positive and negative aspects of their own system to the Estonians. Among other things, Estonians and Moldovans learned about the daily functioning of each other's hospitals and family medicine centres.   The project for exchanging experiences was coordinated by WHO; the project was funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by allocating a part of development and foreign aid funds for the purpose.