The Council of the Health Insurance Fund approved the annual report of 2012


The annual report of the Health Insurance Fund was approved at the Council meeting today. The income of the Health Insurance Fund for 2012 was 783,131 million euros, which is approximately 7% more than in 2011. The costs totalled to 780,906 million euros and were approximately 8% higher than in 2011.   "The Health Insurance Fund's budget for 2012 was fulfilled 100%," said Tanel Ross, Chairman of the Management Board of the Health Insurance Fund. "We increased the financing for both general practitioner care as well as specialised medical care in order to ensure the better availability of those services. The budget for nursing care also increased more than expected," added Ross.
"Prioritising the financing of nursing care has been our conscious choice and this trend will continue in 2013 - due to increasing demand as well as building several new nursing hospitals and nursing care departments," added the Chairman of the Council of the Health Insurance Fund, Minister of Social Affairs Taavi Rõivas.
The number of persons insured at the end of the year was 1,237,104, of whom 46% were working. 5% were insured by the state and 49% were considered equal with insured persons. The number of working insured persons had increased slightly compared to the previous year, as the employment rate had improved. At the same time, the number of persons insured by the state had decreased somewhat. Last year a total of 973,882 people visited their general practitioner, the number of visits to general practitioners as well as nurses increased. The average number of visits to a general practitioner is 5.5 times a year. A total of 70.2 million euros were spent on funding general medical care, which was 6% more than in 2011.
Last year, specialised medical care services were used by 795,581 insured persons. The average number of visits to a medical specialist is 4 times a year. Over 450 million euros were spent on general medical care, which was 8% more than in 2011. For the Health Insurance Fund, the cost of an ambulatory visit was an average of 52 euros and inpatient treatment 1,124 euros per person.
Compared to 2011, the budget of nursery care increased by 18%; the total funding costs of nursing care were approximately 17.5 million euros. The instances of nursing care increased by 13%, whereas the usage of home nurse services increased the most (15%). The Health Insurance Fund spent approximately 99 million euros on compensation for medicines. Over 7.4 million compensation receipts were used to buy medicines from pharmacies in 2012, which was approximately half a million recipes more than in 2011. The average cost per recipe per person is still decreasing: last year it was 6.56 euros.
In 2012, the Health Insurance Fund compensated more than 300,000 sick leaves, which is approximately equal with that of 2011. Due to the increase in the average wages in Estonia, the average compensated sum has also increased slightly.
The annual report is available at the website of the Health Insurance Fund.