Council approves Health Insurance Fund budget

Today, the 16th January, the Council approved the budget of 13.007 billion kroons for the Health Insurance Fund. The health insurance budget was reduced by a further 95 million kroons after the second reading.

The budget decrease was caused by continuing cooling of economy. At the request of the Ministry of Finance, the amount of reserves to be used was reduced from 420 million to 325 million kroons. The budget decrease was achieved on account of the expenses on specialised medical care.

“A part of the deficit was covered on account of reducing the planned increase in the average cost of an inpatient treated case and partially delayed entry into force of the list of health services. The new list of health services will enter into force on 1 July,” explained Hannes Danilov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Health Insurance Fund. “For the time being, we do not intend to reduce the number of inpatient treated cases but, to a large extent, it will depend on the social tax revenue in 2009 and on responsible contract management by the hospitals,” he added.

The proposed amount of the 2009 health insurance budget is 13.007 billion kroons, including over 8 billion for health services, over 2.5 billion for benefits for temporary incapacity for work, and around 1.5 billion for the compensation of the cost of eligible medicinal products.

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