The budget of the Health Insurance Fund for the year 2011 passed its first reading

The health insurance budget for the year 2011 passed its first reading in the Supervisory Board of the Health Insurance Fund. The preliminary amount of income for the budget of the following year according to plans is 11,223 million EEK, with estimated expenditure being 11,579 million EEK. There are plans to exploit at least 346 million EEK of the retained profit.

The Management Board of the Health Insurance Fund made a proposal to the Supervisory Board to increase the reference prices of general medical care services by an additional 2%. “It is important to give more money to general practitioners in order to improve the availability of general medical care,” said Hannes Danilov, Chairman of the Health Insurance Fund.

Hanno Pevkur, the Minister of Social Affairs and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, thinks that increasing the funding of general practitioners is essential. “It is important to us that in the case of an acute illness, people could see their doctor the same day and that waiting lists for general practitioners would not become longer. Lately, the workload of general practitioners has also increased and good first contact care is vital considering the general quality of medical care,” Pevkur noted.

In addition, the Supervisory Board approved new lists for both health care services and medical equipment, valid from 1 January 2011. The Management Board of the Health Insurance Fund proposed 25 new services to be added to the list of health care services; improving, for example, the availability of modern biological medications and oncological treatment. Glucometre test strips, stoma care devices and insulin pump accessories were added to the medical equipment list.

The Supervisory Board also set the priorities for the promotion of health and the prevention of diseases for the years 2011–2013. During the following years, the Health Insurance Fund will primarily focus more on the prevention and early detection of cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumours; the prevention of domestic and leisure-time injuries and poisonings; as well as the healthy development of children and increasing patients’ awareness.

The second reading for the insurance fund budget will take place on November 26.

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