Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign "Don't Be Late" Begins in May

The “Don't Be Late” campaign, organised jointly by the Health Insurance Fund and the Estonian Cancer Society, aims to spread the knowledge that breast cancer is curable if detected in an early stage, and call upon women to participate in a screening. or by calling the information desk of the Health Insurance Fund at 16363.

Breast cancer is the most common type of malignant tumour in females, with near 600 new cases diagnosed annually in Estonia. The experience from throughout the world has proved that well-organised screening procedures can reduce breast cancer mortality rates by up to 30%. In addition, treatment opportunities have improved remarkably. In cooperation between the Cancer Screening Foundation, Estonian Health Insurance Fund and National Institute for Health Development, women in Estonia are invited to breast cancer examinations. The Health Insurance Fund sends personal invitations to insured women aged 50-62. Further information on the breast cancer screening is available at