Board of the Health Insurance Fund Approved the Planning Principles for Four Years' Expenditure and Covering Sources

The Board has approved the planning principles for the expenditure of the Health Insurance Fund for the following four years and the sources for covering the expenditure, which envisage that over 350 million kroons will be taken from reserves in 2011. According to the decision, the financing of availability of healthcare services will be increased by 2% next year and price limits for healthcare services will be partially reinstated.

According to Hanno Pevkur, Minister of Social Affairs and the Chairman of the Board of the Health Insurance Fund, it was a rational decision, considering the financial situation of the state. “In a situation where the availability of medical assistance has decreased in the recent years, the Board deemed it necessary to prioritize the increase of treatment cases. We hope that it results in shorter waiting lists next year,” Pevkur added.   The Board will meet in October for the first reading of the budget of 2011.