The Board approved the annual report of the Health Insurance Fund

Today, the meeting of the Board of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund approved the annual report of the Health Insurance Fund for the year 2009

The last year's revenue of the Health Insurance Fund amounted to 11.4 billion kroons. The revenue budget was implemented by 95%, the shortfall amounted to 590 million kroons. The revenue decreased by 11% compared to the year 2008. The total expenditure of the Health Insurance Fund in 2009 amounted to 12.1 billion kroons. The expenditure decreased by 2% compared to 2008; the expenditure budget was implemented by 99%. The number of insured persons at the end of 2009 was 1,276,366, of which employed insured persons formed 46%, persons equivalent to insured persons (pregnant women, persons of up to 19 years of age, pensioners, students etc.) 47% and persons insured by the state (unemployed persons, conscripts, parents of children below 3 years etc.) 7%.
  • The expenditure on general medical care was 1.06 billion kroons in 2009. The average cost per individual increased by 1% compared to 2008, amounting to 827 kroons.
  • The expenditure on specialized medical care was 6.4 billion kroons. Compared to the year 2008, the budget of specialized medical care was reduced by 2% and the number of treatment cases by 3%, but the planned number of treatment cases for 2009 was met. Specialized medical services were provided for 800,578 insured individuals last year. The average cost of an out-patient treatment case for the Health Insurance Fund was 687 kroons and that of a hospital treatment case 15,821 kroons. The average cost of a day treatment case was 7,030 kroons.
  • The expenditure on compensations for temporary incapacity for work amounted to 2.2 billion kroons. This was 8% less than in 2008. The number of certificates for sick leave decreased by 30% but the average duration of a certificate for sick leave increased from 15 days to 17, and the amount compensated by the Health Insurance Fund per day increased by 15% - from 260 to 299 kroons. The reduction in the expenditure and certificates for sick leave was mainly due to the legal amendment which entered into force on July 1st.
  • Compensations for medicinal products distributed at a discount amounted to 1.4 billion kroons, the increase compared to 2008 was 8%. The total amount of prescriptions at a discount, compensated by the Health Insurance Fund in 2009, was 6.4 billion. The average payment of the Health Insurance Fund per prescription was 215 kroons last year.
The result of the year 2009 was –636 million kroons, which was covered from the retained result (577 million) and the risk reserve (59 million). As of the end of 2009, the reserves of the Health Insurance Fund amounted to 3.5 billion kroons. The annual report of the Health Insurance Fund is available at