The unemployed

All unemployed people registered in the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund also have health insurance:

• Unemployment insurance recipients are covered from the date on which entitlement to the benefit arises;
• Unemployment supports the beneficiaries from the date on which entitlement to the benefit arises;
• Unemployed people who do not receive unemployment support, from the 31st day of registration as unemployed;
• Unemployed people who participate in practical training, work practice, or at least 80 hours in employment training and do not receive the unemployment support from the first day of participation;
• Non-employed persons who have participated in nuclear disaster relief, from the day the application is filed.

A person does not have to submit documents themselves to the Health Insurance Fund for obtaining health insurance. The data for the start, pause, and stop of the insurance shall be provided by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If the period of registration at the Unemployment Insurance Fund has expired, the health insurance is valid for another month. The exception is the recipients of the unemployment benefit whose health insurance will expire in two months. Information on the registration as unemployed, about unemployment support and benefits and on the applications and the necessary forms can be obtained from the website of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund at or from their offices.