Specialised medical care

A person needs a referral from the family practitioner to visit a medical specialist. No referral is needed to visit a psychiatrist, gynaecologist, dermatovenerologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, pulmonologist (for tuberculosis treatment), infection specialist (for HIV/AIDS treatment), surgeon or orthopaedist (for traumatology).

The visit fee for specialised medical care is up to 5 EUR (may vary in different practicioners). There is no visit fee for pregnant women, children below the age of 2 and in case of immediate hospitalisation.
In the case of emergency treatment, a person may always go to the emergency reception or call an ambulance. The attending physician decides whether the patient needs in-patient treatment. The transportation by ambulance in the case of emergency is free of charge, but in case of hospitalisation, an in-patient fee of is up to 2.50 EUR per day and for up to 10 days per hospitalisation.
There is no in-patient fee:
  • for children below the age of 18,
  • in cases related to pregnancy and childbirth,
  • in the case of intensive care.