The list of health services

The list of health services, for which the Estonian health insurance fund will pay in accordance with established terms, has been provided in Regulation No. 32 of the Government of the Republic of 20 February 2013 the list of health services for the health insurance fund . This list includes all medical treatments, procedures, medications needed by hospitals, and other necessities which are a part of health insurance package. The Estonian health insurance fund pays to medical institutions for services in health insurance list if these have been provided to persons with health care insurance for medical reasons.

The cost of means of service provision, such as devices, instruments, and other, change and the methodologies used in health care and medical management advance. Therefore, the costs also change and funding must go along. Thus, the selection of health services and their prices must be continuously upgraded. Making decision on changes requires previous cooperation with specialists, involvement of experts in their fields and conduct of broad analysis. Health service list is updated in cooperation with hospitals and specialists.

Criteria for changing the list and their assessment conditions and procedures have been set by the Government of the Republic.