Moving to Estonia

Pursuant to regulation 883/2004, pensioners moving to Estonia from another EU member state will gain the right to receive health care on equal terms with Estonian pensioners. To verify this right, a person must submit either the standard form E121 or S1 to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund; the form is issued by the social security or health insurance authority of the state that pays the person’s pension (the contacts in EU states).

In order to receive insurance:

1. Submit two copies of the form E121 or S1 to a customer service office of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund along with the application available at our website. You can also fill in the application at the customer service office.

2. When the Health Insurance Fund’s receives your application and forms, it will verify that your place of residence is in Estonia according to the Estonian Population Register and that you are not already insured here on other grounds (e.g. as an employee or as a person receiving the state pension in Estonia). If your place of residence is in Estonia and you do not have a right for insurance on other grounds, then you will be provided with health insurance and you will be entitled to all health services on equal terms with local pensioners.

3. You will be notified of being granted health insurance in writing.

4. You can order a European Health Insurance Card from the same establishment that provided your form E121/S1. For example, if you got your form E121/S1 from the Finnish KELA, then KELA will also issue your European Health Insurance Card. You need the European Health Insurance Card if you travel to any other EU member state besides Estonia. The card gives you the right to receive necessary health care while staying in another state on equal terms with the persons insured in that state.

During a doctor’s appointment in Estonia, present an identity document with the Estonian personal identity code (ID card, driver’s licence, passport).