Information to Ukrainian war refugees

The health check upon arrival in Estonia

 Estonia has organized additional or general health examinations for war refugees to get an overview of the state of health of war refugees, to perform infection control examinations, to vaccinate, if necessary, to plan further treatment and to issue prescriptions. Information about the additional health checks and respective locations can be found by clicking on the "I arrived in Estonia - I need a general health check" button in the diagram. The results of the medical examination are also suitable as proof of the medical certificate required for work. An additional medical examination is not carried out in order to obtain a certificate of employment, but a person can request it if necessary.

If you have been registered for an additional health check, please arrive at the booked time.

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Emergency medical care

In the event of a serious or life-threatening health problem, all people in Estonia, including war refugees or persons in transit here are entitled to emergency medical care.

  • Information and advice on health issues is available in English and Russian on the family physician advisory line 1220 (when calling from a foreign number (+372 634 6630). If necessary, the person is referred to the emergency number 112.
  • Pharmacies are allowed to accept also paper prescriptions issued in Ukraine, except for narcotic and psychotropic drugs. The pharmacist should have a clear understanding on what kind of medicine has been prescribed for the person.
  • Psychological support is available from the crisis support hotline 116 006 (+372 6147 393). In addition, you can also use online chat at Support is available in Estonian, English and Russian.

In addition to emergency care, Ukrainian war refugees have access to emergency dental care, COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 vaccination and public health services.

Primary medical care

Primary care centers provide primary care to all Ukrainian war refugees. You do not have to be on the family physician's list to get medical help. The primary care centers provide medical care as needed and refer the patient to a medical specialist for further examinations or necessary procedures. You will find the list of primary care centers that provide medical assistance to war refugees: by clicking on the "I have a health concern that does not require emergency care" button in the diagram.

Applying for temporary protection, residence permit and health insurance

By the order of the Government of the Republic of Estonia, starting from March 9, 2022, Ukrainian citizens and their family members fleeing from the war in their country can apply for temporary protection. Applications can be submitted at service points of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. Additional information available on the website of the Police and Border Guard Board: Temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens and their family members - Information regarding the war in Ukraine - Police and Border Guard Board

Ukrainian refugees who have been granted a residence permit and an Estonian personal identification code do not automatically receive health insurance cover in Estonia. They can apply for health insurance cover after receiving a residence permit on equal terms with Estonian people at For example, a person working based on an employment contract valid for more than one month or an unemployed person registered with an unemployment fund is entitled to health insurance. Persons equated with insured persons include children, pregnant women, dependent spouses, persons with partial or no ability to work, pensioners, members of a religious association, pupils, students. Read about getting health insurance here.

When a person under temporary protection receives health insurance cover, he or she will also be entitled to planned primary and specialist medical care under the same conditions as local insured persons. Read more about the Estonian medical care system for insured persons!