European Union digital prescription

Issuing medicinal products at a discount

If a person has proven the validity of their insurance cover in another EU Member State with a standard format certificate, they have the right to receive prescription medicinal products at a discount on exactly the same grounds as a person insured by the EHIF. Prescription medicinal products at a discount are prescribed in the event that the person has a medically justified need for them. The quantity of a required medicinal product prescribed by the doctor must depend on the person’s period of stay in Estonia.

Standard format certificates are: European Health Insurance Card, replacement certificate for the European Health Insurance Card, form E112, certificate S2, form E123, certificate DA1.

If the person fails to submit a document certifying EU insurance or if the need for medical service provided to them has not emerged during their stay in Estonia but they still require medicinal products due to their health status, the doctor has the right to issue a prescription without a discount.

Because the digital prescription information system has accurate data of the document certifying insurance with regard to calculating the discount, it must be taken into account that only the personal identification code and country of residence must be taken from the insurance certificate and specified in the prescription upon drawing up and digitalising a prescription without a discount, i.e. a full-price prescription. Other data must not be specified, because in this case, the Digital Prescription Centre will automatically calculate a discount.

Prescriptions may be issued only by the doctors, dentists and midwives holding an activity licence for providing health services in the Republic of Estonia and for the purpose of out-patient treatment of persons treated by them and pursuant to the Ministry of Social Affairs Regulation “Terms and conditions and the procedure for prescribing medicinal products and issuing medicinal products at pharmacies” (persons and terms and conditions specified in subclause 41 (2) of the Health Insurance Act).

The doctor who drew up a prescription with a discount will preserve a copy of the document certifying EU insurance with the person’s medical history. If a competent authority of an EU Member State does not agree to pay the bill to the Health Insurance Fund and requests a copy of the person’s document certifying insurance as additional information, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund will have the right to turn to the doctor who provided the medical service or issued a prescription for the person in order to obtain the respective copy.