Development Cooperation with Moldova

Estonian Health Insurance Fund is supporting Moldova via long term development cooperation. Current project „Supporting the Functioning of Moldovan Health Insurance System“  is held from 2016 until 2018 and is supported by the Estonian Ministy of Foreign Affairs.

The aim of the cooperation is to help insure the development of Moldovan health insurance system by introducing the best practices from Estonia and passing expert knowledge to Molodavan colleagues during practical in-depth study sessions.

During the 2016-2018 project a wide range of topics are covered, such as strategic purchasing, evaluating the demand of health care services, budgeting, planning contracts and payment methods, developing prices for health care services, developing partner management IT systems, developing quality systems and clinical indicators and the mechanisms of result management.

The long term cooperation between Estonian and Moldovan health insurance funds began in 2011. „Supporting the Functioning of Moldovan Health Insurance System“ (2016-2018) is the third project within that cooperation.