Family practitioner

All persons insured with the Health Insurance Fund have a family practitioner. A person not residing in Estonia may also visit a family practitioner.
The family practitioner is the first person to consult with in the case of illness. The family practitioner sends the person to a medical specialist, gives advice concerning the prevention of diseases, takes preventive measures and issues health certificates, certificates of incapacity for work and prescriptions. In case of acute illness the family physician must see the patient the same day, otherwise within 5 working days.

It is possible to register with a family practitioner by submitting an application to the physician selected. It is also possible to change the practitioner - one should submit an application to the new family physician. When visiting the new practitioner one should present an abstract of his/her medical record.

The visit to family practitioner is always for free for the person registered with that doctor. The family practitioner can ask a fee only for home visit. The fee payable for a home visit of the family practitioner is up to 5 EUR. The family practitioner may also demand a reasonable charge for the issue of documents (except for certificates of incapacity for work and prescriptions).

One can also call to the advisory line of the family physician 1220, working 24h a day all days of a week. The advice is provided in Estonian and Russian to all persons. From abroad dial +372 634 66 30.

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Information and statistics can also be found in annual reports.